Fiber Fill Hell

Something amazing happened last week. I have completely finished a project!!! This comes as a surprise to everyone who knows me, including myself. I’m famous for starting projects and never finishing them because I get distracted or bored.

But, I finished a project. It’s been YEARS(!!!) since I’ve done that. The dresses I’ve made for my Luvey still had pins in them! Of course, most of those projects were started less than 24 hours before they were needed, and I stayed up all night to get as much done as possible, but ya know, that’s not the point!

Shortly after a friend of mine started having contractions when she shouldn’t. I read an article about premature babies cuddling with stuffed crocheted octopi. Supposedly, the stuffed octopus helped preemies do better because of tentacles and science.

So, in my obsessive need to not feel useless and helpless, I crocheted an octopus. I stuffed him with Fiber Fill. I sewed him closed. I wove in the ends. I embroidered a face. I remembered that I don’t embroider for a reason. But he is done, and he is beautiful. His name is Otto.

I then realized that 12 ounces of Fiber Fill is, excuse my French, a shit ton of Fiber Fill. Over the weekend I made another octopus named Ollie and started two more. I’m planning on making a handful more, about five, plus a sperm and egg (please, don’t ask).

I have several more animals planned. I must use up all the Fiber Fill…


6 thoughts on “Fiber Fill Hell

  1. I also read in another blog about the octopus for preemies! What a wonderful project to finish! I have an old pillow that nobody was using so I steal fiber fill from that – I don’t make a lot of stuffed toys, but when I do I have my extra pillow so I haven’t needed to buy fill in a long time. Those bags don’t look that big but oh boy they are!! 😀

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    • 12 ounces!!! I have barely made a dent in it. I’m quickly growing addicted to the stuffed creatures though. After I get caught up on these, with maybe a few extra for the local hospital, I’m going to try an adorable bunny I found on Ravelry. I would never have thought of using an old pillow for stuffing; it’s a brilliant idea! Of course, my old pillows are typically stolen by a toddler and her cat. Forts demand to be made!

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      • Forts and a soft pillowy flooring for said fort is EXTREMELY important! There are so many stuffed toys and amigurumi doll patterns for crochet – I’m sure you’ll find something to stuff all of that stuffing into! The best part about stuffed toy patterns is that they usually work up very quick!! 😀


      • I usually get about halfway through then find an awesome new pattern that I MUST start right this minute!! And – like you, for some reason I think I have crochet super powers and can start a gift the night before thinking that I will miraculously finish it! LOL

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      • Yes! That’s exactly my problem! I get so excited by the idea of the new pattern that I have to start RIGHT NOW!!! I usually end up trying to work four or five projects at once. Right now I’m juggling three, though not successfully.

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