Days of Writing!

Camp NaNo starts April 1st. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I have a blog post for this blog an itd my new craft blog to write. Literally one right after the other. Thursday for my personal blog. Friday for the craft blog. Saturday starts Camp. I’m not feeling very well confident about any of this at all. I know it will all work out. Because it always does. I may be insane because I love the stress.

For the craft blog, it’s basically a matter of getting the pictures uploaded and inserted. I don’t think the writing will be hard, but I’m known for making things significantly more difficult than it needs to be. I’ve been jotting writing points down all month, though.

And Camp? I have no idea what I’m going to do about that. I thought I would go ahead and  write some of the blog posts I’ve been meaning to write, just to have them stored up when I didn’t know what to say. Then I had a scene pop in my head that seems like it would be fun to play around with.

I suppose I’ll just wait until Saturday and start writing then. I’m looking forward to April. I have a couple of exciting things happening that I simply can’t wait for!


Fiber Fill Hell

Something amazing happened last week. I have completely finished a project!!! This comes as a surprise to everyone who knows me, including myself. I’m famous for starting projects and never finishing them because I get distracted or bored.

But, I finished a project. It’s been YEARS(!!!) since I’ve done that. The dresses I’ve made for my Luvey still had pins in them! Of course, most of those projects were started less than 24 hours before they were needed, and I stayed up all night to get as much done as possible, but ya know, that’s not the point!

Shortly after a friend of mine started having contractions when she shouldn’t. I read an article about premature babies cuddling with stuffed crocheted octopi. Supposedly, the stuffed octopus helped preemies do better because of tentacles and science.

So, in my obsessive need to not feel useless and helpless, I crocheted an octopus. I stuffed him with Fiber Fill. I sewed him closed. I wove in the ends. I embroidered a face. I remembered that I don’t embroider for a reason. But he is done, and he is beautiful. His name is Otto.

I then realized that 12 ounces of Fiber Fill is, excuse my French, a shit ton of Fiber Fill. Over the weekend I made another octopus named Ollie and started two more. I’m planning on making a handful more, about five, plus a sperm and egg (please, don’t ask).

I have several more animals planned. I must use up all the Fiber Fill…