Reading Challenge 2017: Book One

This is not a book review, and it probably contains spoilers. You’ve been warned. Also, jump cut (assuming I do it right)!

The first book, My Lobotomy by Howard Dully and Charles Fleming, was highly recommended, with good reason. The book is excellent!!! I finished reading a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been able to pick up another book since then.

When Howard Dully was 12 years old, he had a frontal lobotomy. It really messed with my head. He was 12! A baby! That in and of itself is horrendous. But what really got me was the fact that the people who were supposed to be taking care of him allowed this atrocity to happen that bothers me the most.

His father didn’t stop it. A whole host of people tried to stop it, but, still, it happened. That tripped me up more than anything.

I loved the book, though. I probably won’t ever read it again. I kept having to put it down when things became difficult for me to read.


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