The “L” Word

Beware!!! You may start itching and scratching if you read this.


I picked Abby up from daycare early today. As soon as I walked in they told me there had been multiple cases of lice today. They’d already collected blankets and bedding and warned me to be on the look out. They checked each kid, and Abby was fine. I, however, am not fine. I CAN NOT stop itching.

I’ve already done one load of laundry, and I’m getting ready to do at least two more loads of laundry. I’m having flashbacks to sitting in a hard chair while my mom combed and combed and combed and combed my hair for hours after slathering me in chemicals and scrubbing the hell out of my head.

Abby may be fine, but I won’t be until I was ALL of the bedding in the bedroom.


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