The First Snowfall of the Season

I mentioned way back there *gestures ambiguously at a post from the past* that I would make a post about my planners. I also mentioned that I would write a post about how I made my hexagons for Temperature Blanket 2016. This isn’t those posts. Though, I am working on both of them.

I’m currently sipping on scalding hot, hot chocolate. Lately, I’ve made it 6 out of 7 nights. Abby loves it. It is especially appropriate tonight. My little patch of the world had its first real snowfall. After reading Facebook, I woke Abby up with an excited, “Abby it snowed!” She was so excited. There’s barely a dusting of snow when we leave the house. Abby looked up at me. She had this look of confusion and disgust on her face, and she said, “Where’s the snow, Mommy?”

Yeah, where is the snow? Half the counties around us closed down for practically nothing. By tonight, there’s at least a half-inch outside, and it is SLICK! Driving to work I slipped twice. Coming home? I pulled into a parking lot, and Dad and I switched places. I think half the time I was sliding and the other half was actual driving.

We made it home safely. Abby got to play in some snow. The trash is out. Bellies are warm. Everyone is just lying around now. The snow is still falling, but gently and quietly. There’s something so peaceful about snow. When it’s snowing, all I need is a warm blanket, hot chocolate, and I’m content.


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