New Year, New Plan

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be less glued to my phone. To do this, I decided to remove most of my social media and game apps. I kept to games, because Abby likes to play them, and I find one of them very relaxing. I kept three social media apps, Facebook, Messanger, and Pinterest.

Facebook: I kept Facebook for two reasons. Reason the First, because I like scrolling through Facebook on my phone. I upload pictures and post fairly frequently. I like the convenience of it. Reason the Second, is mostly because of the non-profit. I run most of the stuff from my phone. The mobile app page is a little easier to work than my computer.

Messanger: Mostly Messanger is just because several of my friends only message me through. Also, if Luvey and I are on the phone, we send pictures and video back and forth to each other. Neither of our phones will let us send anything through our text messaging apps, so we use Messanger.

Pinterest: I just really love Pinterest. It’s my favorite search engine. Luvey and I talk pretty much every day on my lunch breaks. Occasionally, neither of us feel much like talking, so we sit in silence spamming each other with pins. It’s one of my favorite ways to veg.

All of the other apps I chose to remove were easy, except for the WordPress. I really struggled with WordPress. I love the app. I love being able to read blog posts, comment, interact with everyone. I finally made the decision to remove the app from my phone. I’ve decided that, for this blog, Mondays and Thursdays are my dedicated posting days. Once I’ve posted, I can read and peruse for a bit. For the new blog, I’m going to be posting on January 1st and the last day of every month.

My other WordPress day will be Saturday or Sunday depending on how busy I am. I’ve also given myself rules for Facebook. My hopes, my goals, are to be a little less dependent on technology, to have a little bit more time that’s not so crazy.


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