Parent’s Night

I’m sitting here, the day after Christmas, watching Abby drink hot chocolate out of a Minnie Mouse mug. I’m happy. I’m content. Abby, BoBo, and GG are watching The Polar Express. I’m hiding behind my computer watching Terra Nova. Abby keeps jumping up and screaming, “DANCE PARTY!!!” Then she starts twirling and dancing around. She makes my heart happy.

I was finally able to see her ballet class. They had a parent’s night about a week and a half ago. We were invited to come in and watch. They did their stretching to a special stretching song. Then they did a special Christmas song for us.

Every few minutes, Abby would come running over to me. She needed, “Huggy, Mama! Huggy!” I’d hug her and nudge her back to the floor. She’d run back out there and dance for a few more minutes. She loved having us all there. Her Grandma Terri and Uncle Dylan were there, along with me and Pappy.

She keeps asking when were coming to see her dance again. That will be in May. I sit outside in the lobby every Thursday for 30 minutes. The studio doesn’t have one way glass, so we don’t get to see anything. After May’s Parent’s Night, Abby will have a big recital in June. She asks me about it all the time. I’m fairly certain the entire family will be there for that.


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