An Excess Of Planners

So… I bought a new planner some months ago because I lost my old one. They look identical to each other. I literally bought the same planner twice. The new planner I’m not using in quite the same way as my old planner. I was trying out new things. Yesterday, Old Planner was found, which is just my luck.

This leaves me with quite the conundrum. I know have two planners. Well, actually I now have a total of three planners and three calendars Two of those calendars are online and one is shared. So now that I have two identical planners, what do I do with them?

The obvious answer is I give one away, because who needs two planners? Well… I do. I just can’t get rid of Old Planner. I’m in love with Old Planner, but I equally love New Planner. I also sound like a crazy person.

Currently, I’m thinking Old Planner will be repurposed for the creative stuff. Project planning, writing and blogging schedules, and other creative stuff. The other will be for appointments, the non-profit, and money management, because if it isn’t written down, I’ll completely forget when the bills are due.

This will probably change ten more times before the end of the year…


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