Restless Ramblings

I can’t sleep. I’m not entirely sure why. Abby is, once more, in bed with me. I’ve been watching and listening to her sleep. Well, I was. My tossing and turning was starting to wake her up. I’ve moved into the dining room. Copper is at my feet but refuses to lay on them. He doesn’t much like the cold anymore. Her breathing is rough. She’s snoring again. I can hear the congestion.

Abby’s been off her allergy medicine for two weeks. It’s time for another appointment with the Allergist, and she has to be off the medicine for at least 14 days. By the time her appointment rolls around, it will be almost three weeks of no medicine. She’s been asking me for a week for her meds because her nose is stuffy. I keep telling her that she has to see the doctor. She then demands to see him.

Her appointment is Thursday. I’ve shown her the appointment on the calendar many, many times. Just a few more days, I told her today. She has trouble grasping that concept. Her lips are chapped from constantly having to breathe through her mouth. I’ve been putting chapstick on them multiple times a day. She even asks, “Can I have lip chap, Mommy?” Just a few more days. I’m fairly certain, they want to do another allergy test. Other than my phone, I’m not sure what I can take to keep her occupied.

I should move Abby to her bed, but it’s become cluttered with toys, clothes, and some of my yarn projects, and I’m not sure I can quietly clean it off. Of course, now that her bed is full, she decided that sleeping in my bed is no longer an option.

Copper is now whining at me. He insists on being in the same room as me, even when he could be sleeping on some nice soft pillows. I’m still not tired, but I’m not as restless as I was. I suppose I’ll follow him. I have to be up in a few short hours to go to work.


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