Bad Words

I do not like the word “fart”. There’s just something about it that I find off-putting. I have no idea why. Abby has never been allowed to say it. I’d always say, “We don’t say fart.” Abby picked up that sentence and loved saying it. After all, we can say the word we can’t say if we’re saying we can’t say it. Which brings me to the events of this afternoon.

We were driving from daycare to the store, and Abby says, “My friend said, ‘Hush your mouth up.’ But that’s not nice, so we don’t say that.” I told her that it wasn’t nice, and I’m glad she didn’t say it. So, of course, my daughter says, “Butthead is mean, and we don’t say that, do we Mama?” Again, I told her no. So, she says, “And we don’t say fart!” I’ve tried telling her that saying we don’t say fart is in fact saying fart, but she doesn’t believe me. Regardless, it’s incredibly adorable.

While we’re in the store, Abby asked why words are bad, and why she can’t say the bad words. Shopping, while answering philosophical questions is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. So I’m trying to explain bad words, hunt down food, and get a very large number of mini muffins. It didn’t go well for me. I finally said, “Bad words are bad, and we don’t say them because they’re mean!” She accepted that answer for now.


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