NaNo Is Coming!

We’re well into October now. That means a few things:


  1. I’m working on pre-NaNo stuff. I don’t really have a story idea, but I do have a TON of characters to play with. Right now I’m mostly working on character profiles which I hate SO MUCH. I KNOW all this stuff about the characters, how the connect, how they interact, what they like and dislike. I just hate spending the time to write it all down.
  2. I’m working on non-profit stuff. We have a fundraiser in a couple of weeks that I’m trying to get stuff made for. I bought a TON of cotton yarn for washcloths and burp cloths. I can’t find any of it… I just have to remind myself that it will be fine.
  3. I’m making a halloween costume for Abby. Abby wants to be a ghost. She’s been convinced she wants to be ghost for a couple of months now. I’m strongly against her running around in a sheet over her head so I bought a long sleeved white shirt. I’m going to get her leggings and white shoes, too. I bought fabric to make a cape/poncho thing. I’m planning on painting her face white if she tolerates the face paint. We’ll see.


That’s my life in three points at the moment. I have some crazy thing at work in a couple of days that I’m freaking out over. I have random projects lying around that need to be completed. All I want to do is write at the moment.


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