I Hate Being Late

I can’t abide being late. It’s so bad that thirty seconds late will put me in such a state of anxiety and anger that I’m grumpy for the rest of the day. I get it honestly, though. My dad and his side of the family get antsy if they run late. And, as you all know by now, I like my plans, and I don’t like when those plans change. Thursday, not only was I running late, but my plans kept being changed.

It started in the morning. Dad had a sort of sudden trip out of town. He drove mom’s car, and I was supposed to take his car. It was time to leave, and Abby finally, finally had her shoes on. We’re at the door, and Abby started screaming that Nona was going to pick her up. I’m trying to get her calmed down and out the door. Finally, I just said, “Well go get her!” As it turns out, Mom-Nona-was driving us so she could take (one of) my aunts to the doctor. So, we’re running about 15 minutes late in the morning. I still manage to get to work on time.

Quittin’ time rolled around, and I called Mom. I know where Dad parks. I didn’t know where Mom would be. Well, as it turns out, she wasn’t even there. I stood in front of my building. 15 minutes later her and my aunt roll up. I hope in the car and off we go to daycare. Of course, ontop of running late, it’s dance day.

Abby is already dressed and ready to go. I get her loaded up, and, miraculously, we’re the first people there. I get her ballet shoes on her. Once her class starts, I have thirty minutes of sitting. I’ve been taking my computer and writing blog posts. Which I did, this is not that blog post, though. Mom took my aunt to the store to pick up a money order and was going to take her home, and then come pick us up.

When Abby’s dance class is over, my computer put up, and shoes changed, I call Mom. She’s still at the store. While they were there, my aunt decided to shop. She then decided to get in the longest, slowest line for a couple of items. Abby has about 10 minutes of calm behavior in her before her energy starts spilling out. 10 minutes pass, and Abby starts acting up.

I get outside and she screaming and hollering. I manage to distract her with a grasshopper. She spends the next 15 minutes chasing the grasshopper. Sorry, little bug, I never let her catch you. I hope you’re doing okay. Anyway, mom finally shows up, and she has my aunt. I get mom to drop Abby and me off at the store because I had to get some snacks for work. We check out, and there’s mom without my aunt.

Of course, at that point, Abby was done. She was tired. She was grumpy. She was hungry. She spent the 20 minutes home screaming her head off. I didn’t do much better. I took the tablet away from her for the night. She eventually calmed down and ate when we got home. We were in bed early Thursday night. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m still grumpy over it.


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