My Dad Is The Best

Saturday, Mom and I took a Rigid Heddle Weaving class. I LOVED IT!!! I loved it so much I bought my own loom. It’s a 15-inch Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom. She, the loom, was not assembled. Saturday night, I tried to build it. I couldn’t find dad’s screwdrivers.

Sunday, after our weekly lunch, I asked Dad for the screwdrivers I couldn’t find. Turns out, they were right in front of my face. I attempted to put the first few pieces together. It did not go well. I stripped a screw. Dad tried. He stripped a screw. Turns out, I was using the wrong screws… I’m so good building!

After the toddler was picked up from daycare yesterday, we went to Lowes. Dad bought the replacements. We came home and spent a good little bit, about 45 minutes, building the loom. All I was allowed to do was basically hand Dad the screws.

I named her Hera. I’m hoping to start a project in the next couple of days!


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