Game Night Frustrations

I’m a fantastic researcher. I check, double check, and triple check everything from facts to sources. Occasionally, if a person I trust tells me something, I take it for fact. That’s gotten me in a little bit of trouble before. Nothing major, though.

Well, this morning, I found out there’s a ball game the same day Game Night is scheduled. When planning Game Night, I asked about ball games. I was told there wasn’t one, and I didn’t verify. My bad.

Now I’m “frantically” rushing to figure a new Game Night out. By frantically,  I mean I’ve come up with a solution, and I’m going to make it work because Game Night has a really specific set of rules. The only real rule is that Abby is still too young to be there. It gets loud and verbally violent. It’s all good natured trash talking, but it’s still not something I want my kid to hear.

Abby will be at her other grandmother’s next weekend, so my new plan is to do Game Night on Friday night as opposed to Saturday. Hopefully, everything goes well at the drop-off, and we can get home quickly. I’m planning on making cheese stuffed mushrooms and Luvey’s favorite tomato salad. The tomato salad takes 48 hours to do right.

Next time, I’ll double check ball game dates. I’ll verify my information.


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