Brain Mush

You know what Brain Mush is. It’s something that will immediately shut your brain down. No matter how terrible it is, you love it. Most people call that a guilty pleasure. Everyone has their own. My preferred brand of Mush is a horrendously good book.

I started a new Brain Mush book series. Thanks to Audible! Audible had a 3-for-2 sale, and I wasn’t thrilled with their section, but one book caught my eye. After reading the descriptions for the first book, I picked the other two, and made my selections. I then propmtly bought the first book in kindle form. Halfway through the book, I bought paperback copies for me and Luvey.

If I’m going to read trash, she’s going to read it, too. The books are terrible in that way that makes them so very good. There’s really nothing redeemable about the first book, which is why I’m not naming it. I finished it Sunday, and I CAN’T WAIT to get the second books in readable formats. I’ve needed something to switch my brain off for awhile, and I’m so glad I found it.


Also, I’m with my Luvey!!! She’s home!!!


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