We Will Always Remember

15 years ago, I was in 5th grade. I remember everything about that day. I remember the frantic sound of the principal of my school ordering all TVs to be turned off. I remember the stunned way the teachers, the students, myself, stared at the news reports in horror and confusion.

I remember the two other kids who sat beside me. I remember what they wore. I remember what I wore. I remember the one on my right, especially. She had tears running down her face. She caught on much quicker than I; I lived in my own world. Her mom was in the first tower. I remember reaching over and grabbing her hand. I remember how hard she squeezed mine.

I remember the sudden static sound as the TV turned off. I remember being ordered to stay where we were, to not leave our rooms. I remember watching the adults. I remember the worry, fear, horror, and completely disbelief they tried to hide. We, who were nowhere near New York, were sent home early from school that day

Some events are so traumatic that the event, the memories, write themselves into your bones, into your soul. I am so very, very thankful for all the heroes-the soldiers, the first responders, the firefighters, the cops, and the four-legged animals- who were there that day and all the days after.

We will never forget.


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