Abby’s First Dance Class

I entered a brand new world today. This world I’ve glimpsed from the outside for many years. I’ve watched in nauseated wonder as supposedly normal humans contorted themselves into obviously painful positions. Abby entered a dance studio, and I entered Pink Hell. Today was Abby’s first dance class.

I was a little worried about separation anxiety; her’s has been bad lately with all the new that’s been thrown at her. We got there early, so she can adjust. I put her ballet shoes on her and she snuggled in my lap for a little while. I chatted with the owner for a little while.

Several more people started coming in, and Abby found one of her daycare friends! The instructor opened the door and talked directly to the kids. She asked if they were ready to go dance. Abby popped right off my lap and walked over to her. She looked back at me once, and I nodded at her. She went right in without any problem whatsoever.

I heard her call for me once. The second time, I moved so she could see me in the doorway. But she never left. She stayed in the room. The third time, she sounded a little frantic. I just stood there and watched, camera out, of course. She seemed okay after that. I loved watching her, and she loved her class.

She was so happy out there.


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