Let The Countdown Begin!!!

One of my favorite things to say- especially when I encounter a situation that should have been taught in school but wasn’t- is, “I’m not adult enough to handle that.” That phrase is my overwhelmed phrase. I use it regularly. That phrase has also morphed into something else, said sarcastically, “I don’t know what kind of adult you think I am, but I assure you, I am not.” I use the second mostly for when someone points out something stupidly obvious that any normal human adult would figure out.

My best friend uses it when she needs a list and schedule. And that’s where I come in. I’m her secretary, her librarian, and a few other things. I’m currently in possession of her tentative schedule, her packing list, and trip itinerary. Her schedule when she finally gets back is a little up in the air, but pretty well hammered out. There are a few more things that need to be done, but those can be fitted in and around the other things.

The lists need to be finalized. All the information is in there and updated, but they’re not quite functional, yet. Luvey’s not so good with lists, so I’ll be turning the To Do List into a calendar.I’ll spend tomorrow organizing everything and making it pretty. I’m obsessive like that. Then I’ll email it off to my Luvey.


12 days until she leaves. 15 days until I can see her. And, yes, we have a countdown going.


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