New Pediatrician and a New Baby

I’ve been waiting since April 22nd to get Abby into a new pediatrician’s office. It was one problem after another. Finally, though, I was able to take her to the doctor I wanted. I do believe we will be keeping this one.

She spent at least thirty minutes talking to be about everything from why I left the other doctor’s office to Abby’s allergies to her eczema treatment to her behavior. Abby through one of her fits when it came time to do the exam. I blame myself for that. I rushed her instead of explaining what the doctor wanted.

The doctor wanted to try doing a hearing test if Abby would cooperate with it. I explained in great detail what the test was and what would happen. She understood, but couldn’t quite get that there would be multiple beeps. The pediatrician thinks that Abby’s slight speech impediment make be caused by her hearing. The test didn’t actually work out.

Other than that and a couple of bug bites that are getting infected, Abby is the picture of health. If she gets sick, I only have to drive 45 minutes away for her to see a doctor.



On an unrelated note: One of my cousins had her baby today! A healthy baby boy born early this morning!


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