The Mashed Potato Incident Of 2016

Last night was brutal. I came home to find myself in a very intense highly dangerous situation. I was cooking supper (with the assistance of mom and dad). My job? Mashed potatoes.

I reached over the stove to turn the burner down, and BOOM! Volcanic potatoes. I wiped the hot mush off my arm, grumbling because, well, hot potatoes are hot. All of a sudden my arm got hot, hot, HOT!!! I ran over to the sink and ran my arm under the cold water.  Sweet relief.

Until the water stopped… In the fridge is a bottle of aloe. I wrestle with the top. Really? Child-proof? Abby could open it with her eyes closed and both arms behind back and both feet on the floor. It finally opens and my younger brother says, “It’s got the green in it!” I’m fairly certain James is missing a few marbles. He then says, “The dye.”

Dagnabbit!!! I’m allergic to the green dye in aloe… Stupid brother saving my skin from allergic reaction. I guess I owe him something now. Probably ice cream or something (which was rectified tonight, actually). So I put ice on it instead. Last night, there was a nice sized area of arm that was red and upset looking. Today it’s just a small blister that looks roughly like a mustache. It’s quite irritating though.


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