It’s officially official! My Luvey and Baby Joseph are coming home! I’m so ecstatic. We’ve been busy planning for the last two days, and the planning will continue for the next few days. Then it’s a matter of waiting and executing the plan.

Luvey has given me free reign and total creative control over the plans needed to get her home. I’m going to make the documents beautimous! I’m also going to spend way more time on them than anyone should. I only obsess a little bit!

The trip home will hopefully only take two days, and then I’ll have two wonderful weeks with my baby and my Luvey. There are a few things on the list to be done like our infamous game night. We’re going to try and plan it on a weekend when Abby is with her grandmother. Things can get quite loud and verbally brutal.

She’s made a list* of all the people she HAS to see when she comes home, so we’re going to do a roughish schedule of that. It was supposed to happen tonight, but there was a traumatic mashed potato incident.

I’m just going to impatiently wait for my Luvey to bring me my baby. I’m way over due for some cuddles!



*The list was an adorable attempt. I gave her a B+.



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