Don’t Judge A Hole Punch By It’s Color

I was working on my planner last week. I know that’s a big shock as I spend every day with it. And no, I only cuddle it once a week. And yes, I do actually cuddle my planner. I can’t help it; it’s so pretty. Anyway… Where was I? Oh yes! I was working on my planner, and I forgot which color belonged to which people. I’m such a failure!!!

But seriously, I have nine NINE colors for various entries in my planner. As my planner is “addible”, I thought, “Hey, you have a 60% off coupon for Michaels, go buy the hole punch and you can add your own pages!” What a brilliant idea, right?! Right?! So, I go to Michaels, use my coupon, and bring home the pretty blue punch. Blue being so much better than pink.

After that I get lazy, and just hand around home. My weekend was long and exhausting, so I took a day to rest. Yesterday, I decide to put my color code sheet in, and catch up all the dates I have written on post it notes. I punch my page, write down my colors, and put the paper in. Except the paper wouldn’t go.

After staring at the planner in extreme confusion, I noticed something. My planner has 11 holes. The punch, and paper, have 9 holes. I went to the Google, and, guess what. The pink punch that I passed over because it was pink, is an 11 hole punch. The blue is 9. Those are the only color options, and my store had them in the same spot, so I didn’t look past the tag on the shelf.

So, I’m just going to use a half sheet of paper instead. Eventually, I’ll get the pink punch, but probably not immediately, as it’s more expensive than I’d care to admit.


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