What Do I Do With My Hands?!?

Last night Abby did something she has never done before. She fell asleep while I was reading Mother Goose to her. Between one breath and then next, she was out. Not only did she fall asleep during book time, but she fell asleep about an hour and a half earlier than she usually crashes. Suddenly, I was left with a bunch of time on my hands.

Sure, I could be productive, but where’s the fun in that? I wandered around the house for a little while, staring at my hands trying to decide what I could do. My lungs reminded me of the mucus that was building up as I was bent double. The cough I’ve developed sounds like a cross between a goose and a cat hacking a hairball. It’s not pleasant. I landed in front of my computer-wheezing and sputtering- and cruised Facebook.

Then I remembered an offhand comment that I made to Mom a few days ago when we were discussing how to rearrange the bedroom for optimal space and efficiency. I mentioned that I wanted to find a little desk or table for Abby to do her “work” while I’m “working” on my computer. I’ve spent the weekend working on my computer for my non-profit. It’s been a lot more time than usual, and Abby wasn’t particularly happy about it, but she got more tablet time than she’s actually allowed. Back to the point, I found a really cute Minnie Mouse toddler desk and chair set that will probably be a surprise for her, once the room is rearranged.

This evening, I’m heading over to Elements to paint Sheep!!! I’ve been waiting for this class from MONTHS. Hopefully, if I remember to grab my camera, I will have pictures. But I will definitely have pictures for the next class on Saturday. Saturday, we’ll be painting the flag in a private party at a friend’s house. This will be so fun, and hopefully my sheep, and flag, won’t look too terrible!


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