Geeking Out

I bought a new planner Sunday. It’s so much prettier than the other one I was using. I’ve spent the last few days with a summer cold, so I haven’t been doing much. But I spent a good portion of yesterday evening laying in bed with the planner and the toddler.

Abby sat on her bed playing with her grandmother’s tablet, and I played with different colored pens. Because, of course, my planner is color coded! Nine different colors are used. NINE!!! I realize that it might be a little crazy to use that many colors, but then I never do anything easy.

The planner still has plenty that I need to do to it, but it will wait until this weekend. I’ve already called my Luvey once freaking out over colors and organization of the planner. It’s not laid out like any other planner I’ve ever used. Once I get it all filled out, I’ll take pictures and share!

I’m probably more excited over a pad of paper than I should be. I keep stroking it and rubbing my face against the cover. It’s just so pretty!

Also, it should be noted that I’m under the influnce of cough medicine. I’m slightly loopy, and I sincerely hope this makes sense to someone who isn’t me.


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