I’m planning new creative endeavors, and I’m losing myself in the planning. It’s probably my favorite way to escape from the world. I’m aware of how strange it is. Because of this, I’m having trouble focusing on words. I haven’t written on my Camp NaNo novel in a couple of days, and I stared at a blank WordPress screen for twenty minutes. So I did what any sane, rational being would do. I asked a three-year old what I should write about. Abby responded with a very enthusiastic, “SASHA!”

Sasha is a German shepherd dog. She’s absolutely beautiful and smart. My best friend got her as a puppy not long after I moved out of our apartment. Even as a puppy, she was a pretty good dog, but now she is excellent. She’s fiercely loyal and protective. Just a week or so ago, she alerted to a person outside of her house. She alerts every time somebody anywhere near the house goes outside, but this time, sure enough, someone was in the yard.

Sasha LOVES kids. When Abby was born, I was visiting at the apartment, and anytime the baby would whimper, Sasha was up our butts, pacing back and forth between us and the baby. She, Sasha, would sleep as close to Abby as possible.

Abby is telling me I need to quit writing now. Have a wonderful night everyone.


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