Time To Experiment

I finally have everything I need to make a calendula coconut oil lotion for Abby. This will be my first time doing anything remotely like this, so it will be an adventure. I will be starting approximately 10 minutes after I post this.

I’m going to infuse calendula flowers in coconut oil using a crock pot. It takes weeks to do it the “right” way, and I’m entirely too impatient for that. However, if it works, I’ll set up some kind of rotating container for the oil. Eventually, I’ll start blending flowers, but I want to see what works best for her first.

After the oil has infused, approximately 12 hours, I will let the oil solidify again. Once solid, you can whip the coconut oil into a creamy lotion. I also want to make some chamomile and lavender for me.


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