What Do I Do With My Hands?!?

Last night Abby did something she has never done before. She fell asleep while I was reading Mother Goose to her. Between one breath and then next, she was out. Not only did she fall asleep during book time, but she fell asleep about an hour and a half earlier than she usually crashes. Suddenly, I was left with a bunch of time on my hands.

Sure, I could be productive, but where’s the fun in that? I wandered around the house for a little while, staring at my hands trying to decide what I could do. My lungs reminded me of the mucus that was building up as I was bent double. The cough I’ve developed sounds like a cross between a goose and a cat hacking a hairball. It’s not pleasant. I landed in front of my computer-wheezing and sputtering- and cruised Facebook.

Then I remembered an offhand comment that I made to Mom a few days ago when we were discussing how to rearrange the bedroom for optimal space and efficiency. I mentioned that I wanted to find a little desk or table for Abby to do her “work” while I’m “working” on my computer. I’ve spent the weekend working on my computer for my non-profit. It’s been a lot more time than usual, and Abby wasn’t particularly happy about it, but she got more tablet time than she’s actually allowed. Back to the point, I found a really cute Minnie Mouse toddler desk and chair set that will probably be a surprise for her, once the room is rearranged.

This evening, I’m heading over to Elements to paint Sheep!!! I’ve been waiting for this class from MONTHS. Hopefully, if I remember to grab my camera, I will have pictures. But I will definitely have pictures for the next class on Saturday. Saturday, we’ll be painting the flag in a private party at a friend’s house. This will be so fun, and hopefully my sheep, and flag, won’t look too terrible!


Geeking Out

I bought a new planner Sunday. It’s so much prettier than the other one I was using. I’ve spent the last few days with a summer cold, so I haven’t been doing much. But I spent a good portion of yesterday evening laying in bed with the planner and the toddler.

Abby sat on her bed playing with her grandmother’s tablet, and I played with different colored pens. Because, of course, my planner is color coded! Nine different colors are used. NINE!!! I realize that it might be a little crazy to use that many colors, but then I never do anything easy.

The planner still has plenty that I need to do to it, but it will wait until this weekend. I’ve already called my Luvey once freaking out over colors and organization of the planner. It’s not laid out like any other planner I’ve ever used. Once I get it all filled out, I’ll take pictures and share!

I’m probably more excited over a pad of paper than I should be. I keep stroking it and rubbing my face against the cover. It’s just so pretty!

Also, it should be noted that I’m under the influnce of cough medicine. I’m slightly loopy, and I sincerely hope this makes sense to someone who isn’t me.


I’m planning new creative endeavors, and I’m losing myself in the planning. It’s probably my favorite way to escape from the world. I’m aware of how strange it is. Because of this, I’m having trouble focusing on words. I haven’t written on my Camp NaNo novel in a couple of days, and I stared at a blank WordPress screen for twenty minutes. So I did what any sane, rational being would do. I asked a three-year old what I should write about. Abby responded with a very enthusiastic, “SASHA!”

Sasha is a German shepherd dog. She’s absolutely beautiful and smart. My best friend got her as a puppy not long after I moved out of our apartment. Even as a puppy, she was a pretty good dog, but now she is excellent. She’s fiercely loyal and protective. Just a week or so ago, she alerted to a person outside of her house. She alerts every time somebody anywhere near the house goes outside, but this time, sure enough, someone was in the yard.

Sasha LOVES kids. When Abby was born, I was visiting at the apartment, and anytime the baby would whimper, Sasha was up our butts, pacing back and forth between us and the baby. She, Sasha, would sleep as close to Abby as possible.

Abby is telling me I need to quit writing now. Have a wonderful night everyone.

Murphy’s Law

Disclaimer: If you don’t like talk about menstration, don’t read this post.


You know the saying, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This tends to be true for my life. I tend to have benign bad luck. Nothing dangerous or too severe, but inconvenient, frustrating, and disheartening. Like spending 5 hours on the phone because Abby’s insurance was cancelled 30 days earlier than it should have been, and she had a massive allergic reaction while the first phone call was going on resulting in a trip to the ER. I typically just say “my luck” and try to brush it off. It IS amusing after the fact, and everyone, myself included, just laugh at how bad my luck is.

Today has been one of those days. It started with a moldy muffin, and no, that’s not a euphamism despite how much I want it to be. Abby wanted a “juice” which is merely a fruit flavored drink not an actual fruit juice. We get it maybe once a week. I woke her up early. We hit the gas station, and I bought breakfast. Blueberry muffins and chocolate milk are one of my absloute favorite things. Abby wanted a juice and pretzels. I opened her pretzels and juice. I opened my milk, and eagerly opened that muffin. It had mold on top of it. I just stared at it for a moment before putting it back in the package.

Abby was dropped off at daycare, and Dad and I went on to work. I walk with a couple of other women on breaks, and while heading downstairs, I dropped my phone. There are several scratches on the phone, but the screen, amazingly, didn’t shatter. Like I said, nothing bad, just frustrating.

Another hour or so goes by, and I need a snack. It’s not lunch time, and I’ve alreday downed  64 ounces of water. My plan is to get up, go to the bathroom, and get a bag of chips. While in the bathroom, I noticed that my period started. Great, just flipping great. It’s no big deal, I always carry pads with me. Except, I had none in my purse. I can’t just use pads. I have certain brands and types that I use. If you’ve never had an allergic reaction down there, I don’t recommend it. It’s probably the worst thing ever. So, I’m trying to decide what to do, and I find my menstrual cup in the bottom of my bag. I vaguely remember throwing it in there the day before. I hate using it when I’m not at home. HATE HATE HATE!!! But I didn’t have much of a choice.

I’m exhausted, emotional, hormonal, and grumpy. I’m tired of today, and I just want to be in bed. However, I’m going to go to one of my happy places for a couple of hours. I think I need a break from home for awhile.

Time To Experiment

I finally have everything I need to make a calendula coconut oil lotion for Abby. This will be my first time doing anything remotely like this, so it will be an adventure. I will be starting approximately 10 minutes after I post this.

I’m going to infuse calendula flowers in coconut oil using a crock pot. It takes weeks to do it the “right” way, and I’m entirely too impatient for that. However, if it works, I’ll set up some kind of rotating container for the oil. Eventually, I’ll start blending flowers, but I want to see what works best for her first.

After the oil has infused, approximately 12 hours, I will let the oil solidify again. Once solid, you can whip the coconut oil into a creamy lotion. I also want to make some chamomile and lavender for me.