Camp NaNo 2016

Yep. I’m doing it. Camp starts in about two hours. Over the next 31 days, I’m going to attempt to write 15,000 words. It’s nowhere near as strenuous as NaNoWriMo, but it’s still a lot of work.

I tend to use Camp NaNo to create what I like to call “illegitimate love stories.” They are fun. They are lighthearted. There’s almost no conflict. It’s just me writing scenes that make me happy.

So I have a very loose plot. That’s assuming you define plot as a random string of comments on a facebook post about pony sized dragons. Except… I can’t find the post. I’m off to search facebook.


Crunch Time… Well… Sorta

One of the small towns near me has mini craft fairs during June, July, and August. Of course, I have completely forgotten all about it. The first one is Friday. Oops. Mom, Mama, and I, are rushing around to make things and gather already made things. I will be significantly more prepared for July.

I’m hoping I can whip out a few washcloths and/or face scrubbies. Those seem to be quite popular. At the very least I can have an assortment of crocheted things and take orders.

We do the craft fairs as fundraisers for the non-profit. And they’re quite a bit fun! I enjoyed my first one last year, even if it was stressful. I didn’t have quite enough sleep to sit at a table and people all day. With all that going on, a new book arrived in the mail today. So yeah, I’m spending the night reading.

I make such good decisions!

A Crafty Good Time

This is just a quick crafty update. The crocheting has been put on hold for the past couple of weeks. We, a good portion of my family, went on vacation. It was our first family vacation, but I’ll post about that later, when I’m not quite as zombiefied.

I’m hoping to pick the yarn and hook up again by this weekend. I’m almost done with Secret Project Number 1. I’d say about 3/4 of the way done. It shouldn’t take too long to finish. I’m eagerly awaiting Secret Project Numbers 2 and 3, though.

Number 3 is very secret. Only one other person knows what Number 3 is. And maybe, after it’s completed and gifted, I can tell you the story. That’s a big maybe; it’s not really my story to tell.

But back to the yarn. The Temperature Blanket is on hold until I figure out how to join the hexagons together. I have various join techniques saved to look at when I have a smidge of extra time. Most likely this weekend as I’ll be Abbyless.