A Special Bath For Abby

I finally got Abby in with a dermatologist. She does, indeed, have eczema, as well as keratosis pilaris. Keratosis pilaris is simply a build up of keratin. It causes red bumpy skin, and it can be itchy. There’s nothing that can be done about it except applying lotion multiple times every day.

.The eczema, though, well… There’s not much that can be done about it. It’s a matter of treating symptoms as they appear. The dermatologist suggested several different brands of soaps and lotions but only recommended one of them. I looked it up, and I wasn’t too thrilled with some of the ingredients. I started researching. Most of the soaps and lotion were mostly powdered oatmeal.

Instead of paying $10 per box of powdered oatmeal bath that will only last one week. I decided to make my own. Tonight was Abby’s first night using it. I bought a coffee grinder and ground up some oatmeal, which we had at home. It was very clumpy, so I sifted it with a strainer and fork, and then I added powdered goats milk. Other than being a little weak, it worked wonderfully.I’m still planning on using Abby’s current soap/shampoo and lotion. I know

I’m still planning on using Abby’s current soap/shampoo and lotion. I know she can use both of those without a problem. I may change them once I’m sure she won’t react to anything, and once I’ve had time to figure out her bath recipe.

I ran clean water in the tub, put Abby in, and washed her hair. Then she got to add the special mixture. I didn’t have quite enough for the amount of water. I need to double it I think. I was afraid the mixture wouldn’t mix up well, but it did. Abby got to splash around to help it mix with the water. The powdered oatmeal won’t completely dissolve; it’s supposed to sit on top of the water. Mine sank to the bottom, so I didn’t grind the oats fine enough. With Abby’s constant splashing, though, it kept the water agitated enough that I don’t think it actually mattered.

When her bath was over, she was sitting on the bed, and I noticed that her rough patches were a little less rough. I’m going to be adding ground up marigold or chamomile flowers to the mixture for a little extra soothing. I’m also planning on making a lotion to go along with the bath. I think this will work for her. At least, I sincerely hope so.


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