Early Morning Adventures

I’m never sure what I should or shouldn’t post in regards to Abby. However, this, in several years, will be my revenge for the events that happened in the early hours of this morning. Some parents have embarrassing pictures, but I will have embarrassing blog posts.

At approximately 4:45 AM, Abby woke me up. She was crying. I asked her what was wrong, and her response was, “I pooped, Mommy!” I did my very, very best not to laugh at her. I said, “Are you wearing a pull-up?” She wailed and nodded. “I’ll just get a new pull-up. It’s okay, baby.”

I stumbled through the dark, found the pull-ups, and successfully managed to extract one from the package. She laid down on my bed, and I took her pull-up off. It was clean… “I thought you said you pooped, Abby.”

This kid, with tears still running down her face, looked up at me with perfect innocence and said, “I did. I pooped in the toilet.” I sat there for a full two minutes in stunned silence before I said, “Then why are you crying? Let’s put the pull-up on.” I put the new one on her, and she fell asleep in my bed. I turned out the lights, scooted her over, and laid there for 30 minutes before I could fall asleep again.

Thanks kid.


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