Assignment 3, Water


I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do for water. We haven’t had a lot of it, and the rain from the past week has all absorbed into the ground. But, I can feel a storm brewing. You can smell the rain on the the air.

It’s been overcast and cloudy all day. I’ve been waiting, eagerly, for the rain to start; I love storms. I love everything about them: the rain, the thunder, the lightening. I love it all!

Anyway! I was walking around outside, looking everywhere while trying not to lose the kid. She wanted to run and play. She did NOT want to listen about staying close. I’m IMG_2767.JPGdesperately trying to find water, and instead, I found these delightful little creatures. I almost stepped on them, in fact, because I was looking at Abby, and trying to explain that no, she can’t go behind the house to play in a mud. I know! I know! I’m a terrible mommy. *Insert Eye Roll Here*

Clouds and flowers are water, right? Right? Well, water is necessary for both, so I’m counting it! Ha! Take that rules that don’t actually matter!


5 thoughts on “Overcast

    • Thank you! 😀

      I feel like I traded one moment for another and added a memory. An irritating moment fussing at my child turns into a breathtaking moment of some sunshine flowers. I was able to redirect her attention, and I made a memory as she discovered some little flying bugs sitting on them.

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