Two Days In One

I signed up for the Photo 101 class, and, like usual, I’m running behind. So, you get two days at once! Whoo! Mostly, I’m running behind because the emails come in late in the evening when it’s almost dark, so no picture taking for me!


Assignment 1, Home:

My home will always be the small farm that I’ve lived on for most of my life. Even when I was living in the apartment with my best friend, it wasn’t home. I look forward to coming home and sitting down every evening. The place is beautiful in all seasons. As a matter of fact, the picture at the top of my blog, is part of the backyard before we built the goat pen. It’s one of my favorite pictures.

Home is also several people. I wasn’t at all sure how I was going to represent home, so I just started clicking around as I tried not tripping over the toddler following me around. I came in to look at the pictures, and found a home. I’ve spent a lot of time in this building during all kinds of weather, with all kinds of animals.


This was a storage building that was turned into a chicken coop, and then repurposed into a goat barn. The intention is to turn it back into a specialized chicken coop so I can start breeding and hatching babies! I miss the chickens.

I’ve always wanted to hatch eggs, too, and now, I’m going to have that opportunity. We’re getting back into the egg business! The sun is shining directly over top of the hut, and when I saw the picture, it made me smile.


Assignment 2, Street

This is my very small road. I’ve lived here for pretty much as long as I can remember. There was a small break to move into an apartment a few years ago. I did, but came home pretty much every weekend.

One time, I had just gotten a pairIMG_2754of roller blades. A friend of mine was teaching me how to use them, but she didn’t teach me how to stop. I went flying down this hill and crashed into the ditch at the bend in the road.





Also! Bonus picture! These two were just t0o cute not to include! Yes, this is my daughter, and my old man dog, Copper. Bless his poor heart. He honestly, just wants to be left alone, and she worries him to death, despite my best efforts to stop her.



5 thoughts on “Two Days In One

  1. These are lovely shots! 🙂 I especially like the bonus one. It looks like your daughter is having more fun than Cooper.
    But the second one (street) is so lovely. I love how you composed the curvy street disappearing behind the trees.


    • She is most certainly having more fun! He’s so patient with her, but he’s old, and he’s starting to act like it.

      Thank you for kind words! That’s always been one of my favorite views. The brothers and I have stared at it many, many times from the backs of bikes, skateboards, and the dreaded roller blades! I knew as soon as I saw the assignment, that shot was my street shot.

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