A Quick Update

Two weeks of hexagon planning, a week of job hunting(the potential for a new one fell in my lap), and three days of air purifier research. My brain has turned to mush, and it’s starting to melt. But good news!

I created my own hexagon pattern based off of two other patterns. Well, in reality, I just kind of smashed them together, and it still didn’t work. I figured out how to make it work yesterday. I’ve made four hexagons with my pattern. Three of them are my planners, to see if I can connect them successfully. The fourth hexagon the high temp for January first. I only did it because the pale yellow was starting to get on my nerves. I have a stack of failure about three inches high. I’m guessing, because I haven’t actually stacked and measured them, but there are a lot of hexagons floating about the table.

A potential new job. Last week (maybe the week before) my cousin sends me a message saying her friend’s place of employ is looking to hire. It’s working with animals. I told her to hook me up with the info. I currently sit at a desk and stare at a computer. While I have a lot of freedom, it’s somewhat unsatisfying, but I do, actually like the job. I’ve done two interviews at the new place, and I’m hoping to hear back from them in a couple of days. My fingers are crossed.

Abby has started having nose bleeds. Yay… So, I’ve started looking at air purifiers again. I’ve discovered an amazing amount of new words, that I’m pretty sure don’t actually mean anything. But, I’ve narrowed it down to three. I think. At the moment. Like I said, brain is melting, so that could change when my eyes uncross. If you have recommendations, please let me know!


Hexagons Are Hard!

I’m still quite determined to use them, else all that math has gone to waste. What a shame that would be. Over the last four days, I’ve tried two different patterns, and found a third.

The first pattern is absolutely beautiful. It’s simple, nothing splashy about it, but it’s so gorgeous. No matter what I tried, it came out lopsided. No amount of tweaking made a difference. Sigh… On to pattern two. The second pattern looked easy, but the steps made no sense to me.

I set the hook and yarn down, as it’s way past my bedtime, and I’ll look at it again tomorrow. My third attempt will be with a video tutorial. Hopefully, that will do it.

Temperature Blanket 2016

A Temperature Blanket is a project that takes all year to make. You work on it a little every day. You have a range of temperatures that correspond to a specific color. You match the high temperature of every day to the appropriate range and knit or crochet a row of your blanket. It’s a simple concept.

I discovered both crocheted hexag20160206_201916ons and temperature blankets on Friday. I quickly fell in love and had to have a hexagonal temperature blanket. On Saturday I bought my yarn in shades of blue, purple, and greens. I daydreamed of a gorgeous hexagonal blanket to wrap myself by the end of the year. Alas, like all good love stories, it was not to be so simple.

366 days will not make a hexagonal blanket easily. My heart fractured a little bit. My father, indulging me, did some insane math* last night. I must craft difficultly, so this is not unusual. We figured it out. Me doing the design, and him telling me if the numbers would work. It will, after a little finagling.

My beautiful blanket isn’t possible, but another one is. 378 hexagons will make a rectangular blanket. I get to keep my hexagons and my temperature blanket. 366 for each day plus 12 for the months(one at the end of each month as a spacer).FB_IMG_1454810165854

The hardest part, after the designing, was deciding which color would go with the range of temperatures. I used just a general one I found off Pinterest. Luvey and my mother, decided where each color would go. This is what we came up with (in case you can’t read my handwriting):

  • 89F and above: Purple
  • 78F to 88F: Grape
  • 67F to 77F: Pagoda
  • 54F to 66F: Blue Mint
  • 44F to 53F: Country Blue
  • 33F to 43F: Orchid
  • 23F to 32f: Dark Country Blue
  • Below 22F: Soft Blue

Not pictured are Grey for the border and Off White for the 12 extra hexagons. Now all I need to do is learn how to make hexagons.






*By insane, I mean INSANE!!! Dad does craft math for me frequently. Last night was significantly worse than usual. It took about a half hour, with me going, “Well what if we did it this way?” Math, math, math, me going, “I don’t understand. Why won’t it work? What if we did it this way?” I’m fairly certain he wasn’t too happy with me.