Exciting News!!!

Me: Is Auntie Luvey having a girl or boy?

Abby: A little teeny baby tato(potato) ship(chip)!

Me: But is it a girl or a boy?

Abby: Ship, Mommy! Is a baby tato ship!

Me: Alright, fine, it’s a chip.

Abby: Boy tato!

Me: I think it’s nap time for mommy.

This was a conversation held between me and Abby last night as I was trying to put her to bed. That’s right. My best friend is pregnant, and she’s having a Potato Chip, which I will be calling Tato Ship. Baby will be here sometime between the end of April and the end of May, depending on if you believe the doctors or not.

Since the moment we found that Luvey was pregnant, we’ve been asking Abby the sex of the baby. She, Abby, is scary good at knowing things. She has maintained, for the most part, that the baby will be a boy. We will all be surprised when baby is born.

I am completely ecstatic! Do you know how many cute little baby things there are too make? I’m currently working on a stack of washcloths and, hopefully, some burp cloths. Not to mention all the adorable little hats and socks I could make!

I will be posting pictures as I finish things.


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