Coppy Dog

My old man dog, Copper, has started having trouble eating dog food (and cat food). Which leaves me three options: 1) I try to mush up his regular food, 2) I buy canned food, or 3) I make food. Can you guess what I decided? I chose option 3, because I like to make my life complicated.

After weeks and weeks of research, a couple of phone calls to the vet, and several metaphorical holes placed in the wall from my head, I finally came up with a recipe, more or less. I now have approximately a week’s worth of food for both of my dogs.

It only took about three and a half hours to cook. Which seems like a long time, but really, it’s not. I made a stock, shredded chicken, cooked rice and veggies until everything became mush. Copper LOVED it, as long as it’s warm. He’s not spoiled at all!

My little dog, Alphie, not so much. He can eat regular dog food, if that’s what he chooses. He weighs five pounds so a bag of food lasts awhile for him.


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