What’s New?

A quick overview of life since 11/27/2015:

I won NaNoWriMo. But just barely. Abby was out of daycare for a week with Impetigo- which was not at all fun. I have officially (on a state level) started a non-profit with my parents. I got an EIN for the non-profit. I opened a bank account for the non-profit. I’ve done a lot of work for it. And… What else? Oh yeah! I hurt my wrist. Don’t ask me how, because I have no recollection of injuring it. Also, Wreath Day, which is a future post. Tonight is about my wrist.


I was walking out to the car after dropping Abby off at daycare last Friday. My wrist “twinged” and I thought “how, my wrist hurts.” I stared at it for a moment, but there was no pain after that. I just assumed I twisted it funny, and went on with my day. Periodically, I would notice pain, and shrug it off. It’s just pain after all.

Well, about an hour or so after lunch, I was washing my hands and noticed a pretty nice looking bruise. So, of course, I took a picture of it and shared with my best friend. We had a nice laugh about me not knowing what I did or when. But, by the end of the day the bruise had spread and my wrist started swelling.

I went to an Urgent Treatment Center after work, had an x-ray, and ended in a brace. The doctor there doesn’t think I broke anything, but he did see a “funny shadow.” So, I’m just waiting on the experts in bone pictures to tell me what’s going on. The doctor is fairly certain that I only sprained it, though he did mention that it could be a possible repetitive motion injury as I spend a lot of time on the computer.

Regardless, I have to wear this stupid brace (her name is Bessie) until the swelling and pain go away. Bessie is making life difficult for me at the moment. My fingers are starting to go numb while I’m typing, but without the brace, I can’t type at all. Sigh…


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