Dial 1 For Trouble

I was awoken by a very soft, sweet, little voice at 5 o’clock this morning. She wanted to know if she could use the potty. I pointed at the bathroom door and grunted. There is no talking before the sun. She came out a few minutes later to hand me my necklace. Then she went back in. Then she came out to whisper something to me. Then she went back in. Then she came back out minus a pull-up. I had to manage the baby gate, find a pull-up, and herd her back into the bedroom.

She did not seem to believe me when I told her it was still night. My arguments of, “The sun isn’t even up yet. The sun is still sleeping.” were met with her argument of, “But the moon is up, Mama.” That’s not the sun, you little brat. She woke her great-grandmother up with all the screaming and crying, which only upset her more because she was being Not Nice.

Calmed down finally, she started playing with my old man dog. I felt bad for him, but not bad enough to let him out of the room. She eventually dozed off on the floor, and Copper curled up with me. I went back to sleep. Here’s an important note. I sleep with my phone on my bed connected to its charger. I don’t hear it any other way in the mornings. What, with it being Sunday, I don’t have any alarms set, but it’s habit.

I woke up a couple hours later to hear, “Wake your mommy up. Nonna’s on her way.” My phone was on speaker during a phone call. It was my dad. He said more words; I don’t remember them. I wrestled the phone away from Abby, ended the call, and looked at my call log. Three calls to her Pappy, and seven calls to her Nonna. That was it.

Apparently, the first few calls she never said anything. Then she started telling them that GG(her great-grandmother, my Nana) was sick(or maybe hurt). “Take her to the doctor. Take her to the hospital. Make her better.” I don’t know the exact conversation they had with the baby, but it was along those lines. GG, to my knowledge wasn’t neither sick nor hurt.

I do recall telling Abby that GG wasn’t feeling well, and that we needed to be quiet so as not to wake her up. This wasn’t untrue. GG has been hit with a bad case of the seasonal allergies, as have most of us in this house. Oops!

I so wish there was some way to block the emergency dialer on my phone.


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