A Little of Everything

I have done a lot of writing today, most of it during the baby’s nap. My personal NaNo goal is 25k. Time is running out, but I think I’ll be okay. I’m right at 16k, and, as soon as I hit that, I’m stopping for the night. It’s easier to write BEFORE the crafting, as I have no discovered.

I’ve added four more snowmen to my legion. I would have done more, but making them on the couch is not good for my back. I twinged a muscle. I’m clumsy like that. None of the snowmen have faces, buttons, or scarves. I still haven’t found the hot glue gun. It’s probably in plain sight, and it will be found as soon as a new one is bought.

Abby was wired from the moment she woke up to the moment she crashed on my shoulder. She fell asleep while I was reading to her. It was cute for the 30 seconds she was still. After that, she started elbowing and kicking. This is Reason Number One why I don’t co-sleep. She’s rough.


30 Days of Thanks, Day 22: I am thankful for long naps.

NaNo Word Count: 16,079/50,000


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