November Is Not For Editing

I have spent all day reorganizing my novel. I’ve been writing scenes out of order, which is not my typical writing style. Usually everything is very linear. I don’t always have a plan, and I never stick to outlines, but I always write in order, or mostly so. The out of order craziness was bothering me too much to continue. I’m at the point in NaNo, where I want to rewrite everything. I usually do. It would probably take me a day to rewrite, but I don’t have that luxury this year.

In just a few short weeks, my mother and I will be setting up a booth at a craft fair. We have two almost completed snowmen made. Yep, two weeks away, and we have absolutely nothing made. I’m not panicking yet.  Two weeks is plenty of time, and I have two days off next week. That’s enough time, right? Right? Hey! Why are you laughing at me?! Yeah… yeah… yeah… Anyway, I’ve only written a little today and tonight. The rest of the night will be used for making.

There will be snowmen galore tonight! As I write this, mom is working on some beading thing. I shall post pictures at some later date.


Hey! You all just time traveled. How does it feel? Hopefully there have been no illnesses as a result. Not even half of the snowmen are finished. We ran out of rice. And none of them have faces because I have lost my glue gun. I have the glue sticks. I know where those are. They were where my gun was supposed to be. Alas! The creative endeavors shall have to wait until tomorrow.


30 Days of Thanks, Day 21: I’m thankful that I’m too busy to rewrite an entire novel.

NaNo Word Count: 14,397/50,000


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