I Am A Criminal Mastermind

I was pretty sneaky before I had the baby, but after the baby… I think I can commit a crime without leaving any forensic evidence. I have become an expert in hiding food. I’ll be ready for the zombie apocalypse. I once ate a whole chocolate bar in front of her without her knowing.

Now, I don’t mind sharing, but there are times, like tonight, when I don’t really want baby slobber in my cereal.  The baby has finally fallen asleep. It’s 9:47 PM as I’m typing this.

I’m now going to go eat me the bowl of French Toast Crunch that I’ve been dying to have all day. That, Paper Towns (the movie), and NaNoing are all that I have going on at the moment.

That was the best bowl of cereal I’ve had since the last bowl of cereal I’ve had.

I have discovered that this year, for some reason, I can’t write in bed. It’s probably because I’m tired. So, I’ve been writing on the couch. The baby is not happy about this decision. She likes having me in the room while she falls asleep.

Because of this, I’ve been giving Abby the option of going to bed in her crib, or beside me on the couch. Most of the time, she chooses her crib. Occasionally, she chooses the couch. Tonight was the couch.

She’s passed out beside me snoring little baby snores. I just have to carry her to the other end of the house and try to put her in the crib.


30 Days of Thanksgiving, Day 20: I’m thankful for peaceful moments.

NaNo Word Count: 14,088/50,000


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