Flu Shot Time

I apparently don’t know when Abby is supposed to be getting shots or not. I swear the doctor told me she would be getting vaccines today. She got her flu shot, though.

The shot did not bother her. She cried for a minute, and then was fine. The fifteen minutes before the doctor showed up was temper tantrum hell.

Because of temper tantrum hell, Abby caused a stress induced flair up of eczema. The doctor saw it, and now I’m under very strict orders on what type of products she can use. So now I’m waiting for my favorite homemade soap supplier to message me back. She’s out of her fragrance and dye free soap. She does have an oatmeal, milk, and honey one that seems promising.

Does anyone have any tips on baby soaps, shampoos, and lotions that can help with this?


30 Days of Thanks, Day 17: I am thankful for good pediatricians.

NaNo Word Count: 13,011/50,000


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