Two posts in one day! Gasp! It has been eventful, and not very productive. I have spent pretty much all day emailing back and for with Tech Support. After a horrendous day, in which more words disappeared, they were finally able to retrieve most of them. I was lacking 200 words. I am relieved. They don’t know why the auto back up isn’t working, but they’re going to fix it, so I’m told. That was the best Tech Support I’ve ever received.

The book fair was HUGE. There were a lot of people. I was there for about twenty minutes before I went and hid in the hall by the bathrooms and called my Luvey. I do not like peopling. And, I didn’t have a buffer there. I do okay if someone else can go talk to the people for me. I’m okay with just standing there quietly looking like a creeper. It was sensory overload! And there were books!

I am baby less again tonight. It’s nice, but I miss my Abby. I haven’t gotten nearly as much written as I wished.

30 Day of Thanks, Day 14: I am thankful for quiet moments in the chaos.

NaNo Word Count: 10,833/50,000


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