The New Shiny

From the moment Abby figured out that her feet had an actual purpose, she has been on the move. Well, for the most for part. There was a couple of months where she regressed, but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, Abby is a very active child.

Somewhere I have a picture of her, under a year old, climbing over the standard baby gate. A few months before she turned two, I set up the new crib. Everything was fine until three or so months ago.

Abby learned how to climb out of the crib. She also learned how to climb into the crib. It was all fine, until she discovered that she can climb out of the crib and cause chaos without waking me up. I did very intensive research into baby gates. I picked one. A few weeks later, I ordered it.

That gate came in today. My very active child, went crazy over it. I had to stand and watch her run through the gate multiple times. The entire time she said, “Mommy! Baby gabe!” Yes, child, I know!

Tonight is the big trial run. The gate is almost as tall as I am; it’s taller than the baby by a few inches. It looks like prison bars, which I’m greatly amused by. If it holds up to her tonight, then it will be secured to the walls. Mostly so I don’t knock it down; I’m good at that.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 12: Today, I am thankful for allergy medicine. The worst of the last reaction seems to be over, and the Abby can go back to her regular allergy meds.

NaNo Word Count: 8,950/50,000


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