Fan Girl Mode: Activated

I had a sudden, and intense, craving for Lavender buttermilk ice cream this morning as I was writing. So intense was this craving that I changed out of my pajamas to go buy the supplies that I didn’t have. I came home, only to realize that I forgot the eggs. My ice cream will have to wait until tomorrow.

I haven’t done nearly enough writing today, but it’s been an exciting day. New books, well one new and one old, came in. I have fangirled quite a bit over The Wheel of Time Companion. I haven’t had time to sit and ready the entire thing from start to finish, but I’m absolutely enthralled with the little I’ve looked at.

It’s not helping me write at all.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 7: I am thankful for a very good friends and late visits.

NaNo Word Count: 5,01150,000


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