Everyone Needs A Luvey and Tea

Blackberry Sage Black Tea. It’s one of the best teas I’ve ever drank. It’s one of my all time favorite teas, too. I’ve been out for quite some time, but I kept forgetting to order more. Tonight, after a much needed phone call with my Luvey, I discovered a baggy of Blackberry Sage tea.

Now, I’m sipping my tea, writing my post, and contemplating my NaNo Novel. I broke 3,000 words. I’m approximately 3,000 words behind schedule. I’m just too tired to focus much tonight.

I did, however, get a bunch planned with my Luvey. She’s an awesome sounding board. She’ll ask me questions, so I can work through potential problems in my stories. She doesn’t even get mad if I ignore her suggestions. Because, let’s face it, the characters are going to do whatever they want to do anyway.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 4: Today, I am thankful for my Luvey, and an hour long phone call because I was angry.

NaNo Word Count: 3,330/50,000


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