A Reactive Child

I got a call from daycare, today. Abby had a yellow jacket get stuck in her shirt. This resulted in five or six stings. Of course, this is the one day I forget to carry the superpower antihistamines on me. Anyway, I get there and one of the workers meets me at the door; she was watching for me.

Apparently, while being fed lunch, Abby started screaming and jerking. When the worker asked what was wrong, Abby kept saying, “My shirt hurt me.” The worker pulled her shirt off, and the yellow jacket was sitting on her chest. When the swelling started, they called me. We got home, I pumped her full of medicine, and put her down for a really long nap. By the time she woke up, the swelling had gone down on all of the stings. You couldn’t even tell where several of the stings had been.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 3: For obvious reasons, I am thankful for antihistamines.

NaNo Word Count: 2,741/50,000


2 thoughts on “A Reactive Child

    • I am just glad that her little body has been pumped full of antihistamines that the reaction was minimalized. And, that the daycare workers actually listened to her.

      We had lots of cookies and snuggles last night.

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