My Brain Is Shutting Down

Yesterday wasn’t so bad, but today the time change caught up with me. Work was interesting. My stomach spent a good chunk of the day trying to convince me that it was time to eat. It’s messed with Abby, too. Even considering the time change, she was in bed early tonight.

It gave me ample opportunity to do some world building and planning for the novel. My NaNoChat buddies, and My Luvey, were super helpful tonight. My characters at least have names, now. No more MMC, FMC, FEMALE NAME, MALE NAME. It’s a little irritating when I look over it.

I’ll just be writing random scenes for now. When I can sit down with my Luvey and do a Q&A, I’ll be able to do an outline and make a writing plan. Writing during the week is rough. I only smashed out a few hundred words of novel and a few hundred words of brainstorming tonight, which is still a success. Approximately 1,000 words in total. And, yes, I do count brainstorming, as long as it’s written out, towards my word goal.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 2: I am thankful for Copper. He’s so very patient with my baby.
NaNo Word Count: 2,192/50,000

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