A New Teacher

It has been a rough couple of weeks. With daycare drama, NaNo prep, work, and trying to get this community service project off the ground, I haven’t had much time for anything including sleep.

Abby had a rough couple of weeks at daycare. The head teacher in her room left without letting anyone know. The spot was quickly filled with another person, and I had my reservations. She was stricter than the old teacher, which I greatly appreciate. Abby wasn’t doing well with less structure. The tipping point, though, was a few days ago.

Abby had a mysterious rash. When I picked her up this past Wednesday, one of the workers (not one the usual ones) told me that she had been told that Abby had a rash on her legs. I checked her legs out before she left, and there wasn’t anything on them. We went on home. My mother was playing with Abby’s hair and just happened to see a horrid rash on the back of her neck. I took pictures of the rash and sent it to a very trusted friend.

I had a meeting that night for the community service project. I couldn’t cancel it, and I couldn’t not show up for it. So I left the baby with mom. Once the trusted friend responded with a brilliant piece of advice, which I could have figured out on my own, after a little bit of time. The next morning, she was in the doctor’s office as soon as they opened. As it turns out, the rash was an allergic reaction to something.

This brings me back to the tipping point with the new teacher at daycare. Because she wasn’t contagious, I dropped her off. The teacher asked if there was anything they could do. I told them as soon as they noticed a breakout to call me, so I can give her an antihistamine as the daycare isn’t allowed to administer medicines. And, no, I don’t know what caused it. They assured me, that they haven’t changed any cleaning products and they haven’t introduced anything new. When I picked her up that afternoon, rushing because of another meeting I had to go to, they handed me her Daily Sheet. The instructor had written everything she had eaten for the day on the sheet, and they also took a wipe, and wiped off the changing table BEFORE putting her on it to take the sanitizing spray off. I definitely like this new teacher.


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