I Follow Rules

I love lists. Like, I LOVE lists. I have rather an unhealthy obsession with lists. So this assignment should be easy, right? RIGHT?!? No, of course not. I have this need to take something simple and make it complex. I have about three list and four calendars to organize my life and everyone in it. Everything is color coded in a ridiculously complicated way, and I can’t even tell you how I do it. It just happens. I spent awesome amounts of time making and unmaking multiple lists before I threw the assignment out the closest window.

Nine Things That Are Currently Happening: A List

  • My computer- Rather obvious, huh?
  • Seven open internet tabs- Really, who needs that many? And not a one of them is Netflix or Hulu. I’m disappointed in myself.
  • A disappearing bowl of cereal- Abby picked up my cereal and ran off with it, the little brat. Oh, yeah, I don’t eat cereal at breakfast. It taste much better after noon.
  • Two cats, both defective- Literally, as I’m typing this a mouse just ran in front of them, and they just watched it… Really? I mean, really? Sigh…
  • A high-heel shoe hanging out of a drawer- Don’t ask me; I don’t know.
  • A basket with melty beads and yarn- I should probably put that somewhere the baby can’t reach.
  • My phone- Abby pick-pocketed me, and I never noticed! The thief! But seriously, she does it all the time, and I never notice. I need to start locking up the money cards.
  • One dog ignoring me- “Hey, Copper! Copper! Copper! I want to love you!” No response from him.
  • An empty bubble wand- And a meltdown because I won’t refill it until after food has been consumed.

This has been Nine Things That Are Currently Happening: A List. Thanks for playing along.


11 thoughts on “I Follow Rules

    • Copper is the calm one! He’s my old man, and he’s almost always within reach. Sometimes I think he’s going deaf. Most of the time he’s ignoring me. I have a little attention seeker. He drives me batty!


  1. Lists, I neeeever make lists. That would be a total lie! There is a list for everything, there is even a list for the lists I should write. I might need to seek out some help for my lists, I’ll just put that on my list!


    • I also have lists for my lists! If we’re going on a trip, you should see how I organize a packing list. It’s crazy. My main list, my To Do List can sometimes get 7 pages long, and it’s double column.


      • Zombie attack, not so much. I’m tough cookie in my own right. All of my clothes I can fight in, even if I have to yank up a dress or skirt to do it.

        I make a list of everything I need to bring, and then a separate(sometimes 2) list for where each item needs to be, then which bag it’s to be placed in, and finally where each bag is going to be in the car. With the baby, it’s gotten even crazier.


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