Mmm… Bread…

I had a baby free weekend. I never know quite what to do with myself when I don’t have Abby. Most weekends I just lay around and mope. Some weekends I’m productive. Some weekends I’m crafty. This weekend was all of the above. Friday night I was a little mopey. Saturday, I cleaned and made deodorant and pretzel bread. Sunday, I got my baby back.

Tonight was round two of pretzel bread. I have learned from my mistakes. You really shouldn’t substitute wax paper for parchment paper. Round two was significantly better. All they needed was some melty, gooey cheese. Dreams of sandwiches are dancing in my head, and plans are already in place for our next cookout.



Abby has been having allergic reactions to something. She’s had many reactions over the last three or four months. Every time she had a reaction, off to the pediatrician we’d go. Most of her reactions, were to mosquitoes. The bite would swell and turn red. They’d be hot and throbbing. Most of them would get infected. On occasion, she would break out into hives. She’d turn red and itchy. The pediatrician would treat the symptoms. My poor baby was miserable!

Last week, Abby had a pretty bad allergic reaction to something. It was right after supper. Two days later, she looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I itchy. I have medicine.” That night I was looking up allergists near us. The next morning, I called her pediatrician’s office again, and left a message with the nurse. Five and a half hours later, the nurse called me back. She treated me like I was insane for thinking this was abnormal. I immediately called the closest allergist.

Her appointment was a few days ago. I spent 20 minutes arguing with the doctor on the best course of action. I did NOT want a full allergy skin test done. He finally agreed on a partial one. Good news and bad news!

My little bit has absolutely no food allergies, only minor environmental allergies, but she’s “moderate to highly” allergic to cats. Now I’m spending the weekend cat proofing the bedroom. Everything has to be cleaned, including the clean clothes. The floor has to be vacuumed several times a week for several weeks. Abby has to take a daily allergy medicine. To say I’m relieved is an understatement. It’s been a miserable couple of days for everyone involved.

Right now she’s trying to pop some bubble-wrap, and getting into everything. I think she’s going back to normal.

At Peace

Right now, I’m secretly watching my daughter. She’s reading a book to her baby doll, and they’re sitting beside each other on a blanket. My heart is happy. Now she’s caught me watching. Her little voice is saying, “Mommy, read!”

.  .  .

She snuggled right up next to me, and we read Sleeping Beauty. We read Sleeping Beauty seven times before she was distracted by her great-grandmother, GG.

Now everyone is in bed. This is my favorite time of night. Everything is quiet. The dogs are sleeping. The baby is snoring. Even the cats are still. Everything is calm. I am at peace. It’s a nice change of pace from my normal hustle and bustle.

Enjoy your night.